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Good Friday - April 10th 2020

Greetings..hope you are continuing to be safe and well in these troubling times.

On this Good Friday, I am even more sympathetic to the many solid people of faith who year after year skip Good Friday worship, preferring to go straight to Easter Sunday from Palm Sunday. I get that. Good Friday is awash in bad news and we are creatures made for and yearning for Good News. Of course Good Friday is ultimately about the Good News,of salvation and shalom, we know that and celebrate that to be true. There is also the real concern that our theology, (like some theologies that are out there) not be driven and shaped only by crucifixion and death, but ultimately by Resurrection and Life...because Life and Love are in fact the last words. All of these Good Friday faith and pastoral concerns are, I feel, even stronger in presence and threat this Good Friday as we struggle and cope through a life stealing pandemic. But still, but still in keeping with tradition and our lived faith and experience, this Good Friday pastoral reflection is offered as we graciously receive our Jesus inhabiting betrayal, brokenness,, injustice , sin and death.... inhabiting...... confronting and overcoming.

The videos below are to the Bethesda Good Friday pastoral reflection: prayers, scripture and video reflection..."Jesus did you know".

Hoping this solemn reflection in this difficult,solemn time is used by the Spirit, to bring us to an awareness of and referencing the God who does not flinch from sharing in and dealing with sin, oppressions death, injustice and a new world... not yet fully made, fully born.

The Love that bore Jesus,in all trials bear you and yours.

Rev, Jeffrey Chalmers

Bethesda Worship Message

"Mary did you know" by CeeLo Green


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